Having enjoyed the beta, and hopefully contributed some good feedback and bug reports, I am now wondering if we’re getting close to release and what the upgrade prices may be?

Many thanks, Richard all info is there… 8)

:slight_smile: had to clear my cache and up it popped. Thanks


The upgrade is listed as 39 Eur including 19% VAT. I’m in the US, so I don’t pay VAT, so theoretically the nett price is 32.77 EUR, which is approx $47.30 at bank rate. Allowing for some variation, I was very surprised when came up at $61 with VAT at 0%.

If I change the share-it page to show Euro’s, it comes back at 39 EUR but states Sales Tax/VAT is 0%.

Just tried it - share-it says:

Unit Price: USD 61.63 Total: USD 61.63 [Info] includes 19% sales tax/VAT to USD 51.79: USD 9.84

So the net price is $51.79, plus $9.84 VAT, which you probably won’t have to pay.

According to Google, €32.77 is $47.29 today: (time capsule message: click this link in 2020 and post the result below)

$51.79 is a worse rate, but not that much actually.

And this is what I get.

Unit Price: USD 61.63 Total: USD 61.63 [Info] includes 0% sales tax/VAT to USD 61.63: USD 0.00 Delivery: License key

So I think Share-It is a little broken for us non EU members. I don’t have an issue with $51 :slight_smile:

Can you send me a screenshot? I can try to get in touch with them and ask what’s wrong.

Done, emailed to the info@ address.

Thanks. Problem is sorted out now. Actually a configuration issue in the shop backend.

Thanks, all done.