Regionalisation feature

Hi !

As i said in another post, i’m considering buying mAirList, and testing out the features for some days.

I’m not going to use any regionalization tool, but I was thinking about something.
For now, when you’re creating a regional container, to fill the gap, you can let a silence, or let mairlist add a file playing for the duration of the silence.
I’ve seen that mAirList is able to pitch & stretch audio files, so what if you add a “stretch”, that make “region 2”, “region 3”,… stretch to match exactly the time of “region 1” ? With some editable limitations, like “maximum stretch rate” and “maximum fillable gap”

This way, if your main region is 60,00s lenght, and your second 55,42s, you can for example add a 10s jingle, then stretch everything to match the 60,00s (because in my sense it’s better to speed up an audio file, when you slow down you can hear the artifacts)
(This is mainly useful for regionalized commercials)

In the same topic, it could be very useful to display the actual playing time of a stretched item (for now, when you’re stretching an item, the remaining countdown don’t change, but only accelerate)

Let me know what’s your opinion !