Region container filling

Hi everybody.
I just bought 8 licences of region for MairList v7. I understand how the region container worked. I can drag titles. But…
For example, I would like to play the news flash in region A and a 2 minute title in region B. The news flash comes from FTP and is updated. But I would like in region B the title to be different each time. The solution seems to be to create a quantity of region containers (with each in region A the news flash and in region B a different title of 2 minutes), then put them in a folder and then tell the clock to pick from at random a container.
But as I have a lot of information sections, that’s a lot in my opinion. The ideal would be to be able to drag a folder into the region container and ask to take a title at random (we could even put the flash information in region A and then, in region B, the file directly in the filler with only 2’10" titles in this file for it to work)…
An idea for doing this very simply ?
Thank you