im sure that i have asked this one before but could you explain to me again please.

Is there a way that i can via a hotkey get a piece of recording software to load e.g audacity/cool edit etc and then start recording?

I believe i was told it is possible using scripts but not knowing too much about scripts.

  • what do i need to type
  • where do i need to put the script
    -anything else i need to do to get it to work?

Thanks in advance. My scripting knowledge is non-existant so please be as simple as possible.


You would need a piece of recording software which can be instructed (by a command line switch or such) to start recording right away when launched. Then you can use the ShellExecute/ShellExecuteHidden script command to start that software with the required parameters.


In that case, does anybody know of such software? preferably a free download. :smiley:

Once i have got this what script do i need to have and where do i save it? is it as a file in the scripts folder. what type of file do i save it as?


Script files are simple text files and an be created with a standard text editor (like Notepad). A simple script for your task would look like this:

begin ShellExecuteHidden('c:\Program Files\My Software\software.exe', 'parameters for recording'); end.

Save that script anywhere you like, with “.mls” as extension. Then create a new hotkey in mAirListConfig, and instead of selecting a predefined command in the “Action” field, type

RUNSCRIPT C:\wherever\it\is\




OK. In that case, does anybody know of such software? preferably a free download. :D

I’m using ROnAR only Dutch) for recording of our programs we need to re-broadcast. Its not free …

The program runs on a separate computer and ROnAR is started on the gameport. See: