Randomise advertising schedule function, folders for templates, number of spins

I have recently installed mAirList in 6 radio stations in Australia including my own, love it! Here are some request suggestions in one hit from a bunch of users

(thanks for changing the clear button to a delete button in the playlist window - that had caught out many while voicetracking!)

  • Randomise function for advertising scheduling like mini scheduler perhaps - the advertising scheduler option is frustratingly too simple, could a randomise function be added to work within the hour range and day range settings? Rarely do you want the same ad to play at the same time on the same day, or in every break that it is allowed to along with everything else at the same time.

  • Ability to have folders (or groups) in the list of music and hour templates - after a while, the number of templates can add up (auto/live versions of hours etc), is it possible for them to be able to be grouped into folders? Would look much more organised.

  • Library view column - number of plays/spins (history in the form of a number) - instead of having to go to the properties to see when the song/event last played and the list, in the library view column could the number of spins be shown (e.g. if you want to rest a high rotation song after 300 spins, you currently have to guess if it has spun 300 times or count a long list of dates and times)

I am still thinking through a couple of other ideas, but I think many would find the above suggestions helpful

Great suggestions Pulse! Number of spins would be nice.