Question: What's the Best Options For Automatic

I use Mairlist for the first time
Sorry My english is not s good…

Who can tell me
what’s the best options For Nonstop Automatic option

The best Value for:

Automatically Determine Cue In For New items [***] db
Automatically Determine Fade Out for New items [***] db
Automatically Determine Cue out for new items [***] db
Limit time Between Fade Out and Cue out [***] db

*Replace the * for the Best db Value

Thanks for your time

The default values should work fine for most cases.

Cue In and Cue Out are set to -200dB by default, which effectively means “the first/last non-silent sample”.

Fade Out is set to -30dB by default. You can set it to e.g. -20dB if you want “tighter” segues.

The last option is meant for songs that have a very long fade at the end. Hardly ever a problem.