Question about voice-tracking

Maybe this question has been asked but I still find no solution to this particular problem. Maybe it just hasn’t been implemented yet :slight_smile:

When I record voice-tracks and open my Mix Editor, I still have to manually decrease the volume of the 2 music tracks where my voice-track is located. Otherwise the music sounds way too loud and you can barely hear the voice-track playing.

Is there no feature where the audio of the music track is decreased by a certain amount of dB where the voice-track is playing (ducking), f.e. outtro and intro?

Some other radio automation software has this already in their package because it makes it a lot easier to record voice-tracks when you are for example in a hurry. Not too much editing afterwards.

Sorry that I have asked this but for me this is something that is very important for my small home radio station.


Unfortunately I didn’t receive an answer yet. So maybe this has already been discussed at some time.

I normalized my songs and jingles to a lower level to make ducking not necessary.

So you normalized your songs to say for example to -6 dB so that you sufficient headroom for the voicetrack?

Yes, that’s correct.

I also just tried it and I normalized a couple of songs to -8dB and this seems to work. I have Stereotool for audio processing so the AGC keeps everything at a perfect level