Question about new feature in Scheduler

In the changelog of build 4450 it states:

Citaat DB: Scheduler: Ability to specify attributes that contain alternative artist/title values (seperated by semicolon) for separation calculations

Could someone point me in the right direction how to use this feature and where I can find it?


You can group artists so Prince and tafkap are the same.

Open the database screen
Open the third option (beheer/management)
Click configuration

Select the tab ‘mini planner’
Select the sub tab ‘artist groups’
Create groups of artist names

(I have language set in Dutch, so some names may not be 100% accurate. But I guess this will help.

Thanks for your reply xdjorik.

Maybe I misread the changelogs, I thought it was a new addition to the existing feature which has been around for years indeed.

Maybe you’re right and is it a new (hidden) function that we both haven’t found :wink:

I guessed you might be searching for the artist groups, but you already knew xD

Maybe someone else can shed some light on this mystery feature or is it just us carrying away? :wink:

I’m writing on it, Lukeman… support tickets, phone, my boss, no german Bratwurst … please give me a second.


It’s not hidden, but maybe hard to find. :laughing:

This one is new:

First of all, please define an attribute where you will write in these entries (by example ALT_TITLE).
In this attribute (!) you enter all different title names or covers, separated by a semicolon.
From now on, all the tracks with the same sound but different title names will be recognized by the mini scheduler as one.

  • German “Am Tag, als Conny Kramer starb” (Juliane Werding, 1972) has the same melody like “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (The Band, 1969), but a different text and title.
    This would be perfect for this attribute.

  • Joan Baez’ version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (1971) would not make sense as an additional attribute, because the name of the title is the same as the original and would be recognized by the mini scheduler as before.

For alternative artists it’s the same, indeed; however, you can use artist groups in general instead of this special attribute.

Edit - here’s a very special :netherlands: (but international) artist example:
Diesel and Dutch Diesel. :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot Uli for clearing this up, that’s a great addition in my humble opinion. I’m sure I can find a way to use this feature in the Mini Scheduler.

And I’m sorry to hear you ran out of Bratwurst, have you tried a saucisse de veau instead? :wink:

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Seems like there is a bug with filling out the fields for the alternate artist and alternate title.

When I fill them out with both different values:
Alternative Artist: AltArtist
Alternative Title: AltTitle

and click ok after re-opening the configuration dialog both contain the value of Alternative Artist. Even when I empy the Alternative Title and press ok, open the dialog again the value for Alternative Artist is in the Alternative Title field.

Forwarded to Torben; he will check the code when he’s back in the office.

Copy/paste error. Got me :slight_smile:

Will be fixed in build 4453.


Coming to think of it, isn’t it easier or at least more in line with the Artist Groups to make one extra tab containing Title Groups where all different title names or covers can be inserted?

Yes, it’s more or less the same thing.

But unlike artists, there will be hardly more than one item affected by the same rule. So I decided it’s better to make it an item property.

Fair enough, I think that makes sense too.Thanks for your answer Torben.