Question about file path and bit rate

Hi experts,
I’m wondering whether there is a way to exclude playing files

  • that reside on a certain drive (my goal is to exclude playing files from USB sticks)
  • that do not have a minimum mp3 bitrate?
    Actually I’m quite clueless whether it’s possible at all.
    Thanks for your ideas!

Well, I suppose in theory, you could write a Notification Script for OnPlayerLoad which could check the AudioFilename being loaded and immediately 'eject a file whose file path didn’t begin with one of your 'approved drive letters. As to the bitrate, that would be more difficult (impossible?).

… but the big problem is, there isn’t an OnPlayerLoad function available in Notification Scripts. :frowning:

I think I see where you’re coming from, though. :wink: Try using something like Tweak UI and ‘switch off’’ all ‘unwanted’ drive letters (Open Tweak UI, click My Computer, Drives, then clear all checkboxes for ‘unapproved’ drive letters: everything above ‘D:,’ probably). A tad radical, but it works: I just tried it here. Just make sure there are no copies of Tweak UI on the local hard drives, nor on any network drives. :wink:


There is OnPlayerStateChange, in which you can compare NewState to “psLoaded”.

Don’t forget to lock and unlock the player using BeginUpdate and EndUpdate while you’re checking it, and double-check its state via GetSTate if its still psLoaded - the script is called asynchronously, and there might be a small delay.

thanks for your reply! Sure, an OnPlayerLoad function would be nice:-)
I didn’t think of TweakUI - but that will even disable mounting those drive letters in the OS, right?

Thanks Torben, I will investigate there!

OK, that doesn’t work (I’m still using mAirList 2.2). Time to upgrade!

Yes … and no. No apps. will be able to read them (including Explorer and mAirList), but Safely Remove Hardware will still ‘see’ the device and list its drive letter correctly (!), so you can still remove it properly. (I once just ‘pulled out’ a USB stick from a PC, and next time I read it, it was ‘empty.’ >sigh!<)