Properties dialog for Cartwall players (z-order and window focus)

If you run a separate Cartwall window (as I do), then setting Properties for Cartwall items is difficult, because:

  1. Opening the Properties dialog from the Cartwall window brings the main mAirList window ‘in front’ of the Cartwall window.

  2. The Properties dialog is nodal, so I cannot then click on the Cartwall window to bring it ‘in front of’ the main mAirList window. Nor, for that matter, can I click on the main window to move or minimise it.

So, if I want to set up some actions, I can’t see the Cartwall and it can be difficult to remember which player is which when I am composing the Action commands!

Can this be changed, or not?

Also … can the Execute Command window in Actions show a dropdown, the same as the Remote Control pages in Config, instead of just an empty text box?

(Yeah, I know: my lousy memory AGAIN! But both of the above would make life easier for me.)

Thanks in advance.