Progress bar scanning


Would it be possible to have a progress bar which…i don’t know how to put this…but “scanable”. So you can scan through a song. Just basically a standard scanning object on the progress bars. For example…if a bed is running out…you can quickly drag the node along back to 1minute in if the bed is only 3minutes long and is just about to run out.

Basically just standard scanning.

Possible? Thanks.

So what you actually are requesting is a way to visually drag the audio playout position to a new place? :wink: You can already do this by quickly PFLing the item and setting a CueIn where you want it to start (re-)playing. Another option for the specific case you mentioned would be to use the Loop button on the Player.

Making your change would no doubt require Torben to change the ProgressBar object to a Gauge type object (which has a vertical ‘slider’ on it, like the gauge below the player in the PFL window).

I see what you’re getting at but it’s not a feature I would like to see; it sounds more like a ‘club DJ’ feature than a ‘radio DJ’ feature. Radio playout has different requirements and in general you don’t want DJs to mess with the cue points, nor necessarily be able to ‘drag’ the current position (sounds bad if you do it on air by mistake, so best not to allow the possibility to do so!).

Just my personal opinion, as always!