Program freezes

Hi there,

I am having an issue on my playout pc wich runs the latest version of mairlist. 6.2
The pc is running like a nonstop studio without any dj adjusting anything, nor live shows are broadcasted.
The software starts in automation mode and stays in automation mode…

This is what happens,
The software freezes quite often recently (once in 2 days) but it keeps on playing tracks, execute events…
I haven’t changed anything in settings, just i am exchanging all my audio files (wich were mp3 files) into wav files… at this moment just 1000 files are changed (while there are 19000 in the database)
Also i have been checking my pc…
It is an i5 pc wich has 8gb of rammemory at this moment.
When i look in my windows logs. The processor is used for about 70% equal to the ram memory wich is used for 70% aswell.
That is why I am asking for help… what could cause this problem?

By the way… the software keeps on rocking!!!
After the software freezes it still played all tracks and events for 2,5 days before I have manualy restarted the software.
That is also what surprises me. I thibk if it was a problem with loading audio files, the software would stop completly?

Before this problem, the software was running constantly for few months… no skin changed, no audiodrivers changed…

Hope someone can help me to find another possible cause!


Playlist processing happens in a background thread, so it is absolutely possible that the playlist keeps playing while the GUI freezes.

Did you see any “The application seems to be frozen message” with a Details button where you can send a bug report?

Can you please send such a report once manually from the About menu, in order to flush any older reports to me that might be saved/cached in your data folder? (Arrow button next to About button -> Send bug report -> Details -> Send bug report -> Enter name/email)

Hi Torben,

I have just send you the bug report. I think i have send you a few, sorry for that!
hope you recieved it, otherwise I will send you a new one when the application freezes again if you want.

Hope you can find something in the bug report.
As far as I can tell the problem occurs when switching between songs in the main playlist.

There are indeed a couple of “frozen” messages in that report, and they all seem to be related to file access (opening of files, reading from files) - stuck in Windows system calls.

Is there an issue with your network shares?

no. i am using a seperate network for mairlist and all the audio files using a NAS.
network capacity is about 60%
if i open audio files they open quite fast…
and also it seem strange because audio is not on local disc, but it keeps playing…

I been monitoring my network for a few minutes now… it is 0kbps except when changing a song. then it goes to a short peak of 100kbps.

Could it be possible that the wav files is to big and when loading it freezes because of the file size?
just thinking out loud…

for none of the tracks i have checked the ‘do not prebuffer’ so the track should prebuffer at the toth when new hourly playlist is loaded…
The freeze doesn’t happen at that moment, just random during the hour…

If you need any more information just ask.

I have been trying to acces the audio files on other pc’s wich are in the same network. They never gave a problem. They loaded and played…

I scanned your bugreports (which actually contained multiple indicents) for the function that appeared to hang, and this is what I got:

74ac32b8 +078 KERNELBASE.dll GetFileAttributesExW
76e932b8 +078 KERNELBASE.dll GetFileAttributesExW
727c4e18 +018 mfreadwrite.DLL MFCreateSourceReaderFromByteStream
77b610e6 +0e6 KERNELBASE.dll ReadFile
77b7fdc8 +078 KERNELBASE.dll GetFileAttributesExW
727c4e18 +018 mfreadwrite.DLL MFCreateSourceReaderFromByteStream
727c4e18 +018 mfreadwrite.DLL MFCreateSourceReaderFromByteStream
727c4e18 +018 mfreadwrite.DLL MFCreateSourceReaderFromByteStream

These are all operating system functions related to file enumeration and reading.

Are the WAV files actually plain PCM files? Or are they using a particular encoding inside? What puzzles me is that apparently BASS uses Windows Media Foundation (MFCreateSourceReaderFromByteStream) to open and decode them. For plain PCM, BASS should be able to do that on its own. But it might also be that WMF is only used to check their format. Can’t tell as I don’t have access to the BASS source code :wink:

Hi Torben,

To be honest I am not quite a expert on different types of wav files.
I simply rip a original cd using windows media player wich saves the files into wav files. Those files are placed on the server. I don’t know what the wav files needs are in bass to be played or read.
If it can help, I can send you a file on wich the software freezed. maybe that you can see more information when opening that specific file in a test situation?

At this moment I am saving the file wich was loading at the moment that the software freezes.
Maybe the length (and size) of the files are too big?

Otherwise I will have to change the wav files to another type and see if that solves the problem… Perhaps you have any advise on wich file type should be “best” for using?
It will take me lot of time, but I that is not a problem for me!
All my old files are MP3 at 192kbps so I have to exchange them for sure :wink:

Hi Torben,

I saw the new update to snapshot 4130
in this changelog I see this new feature…

Playlist: Improved error handling in prebuffer functions

Is this also something that could help on freezing the software?
I was already started to convert all wav files to mp3 320kbps, but if this new feature is helping me, I rather stay on Wav files because of the quality…

hope you can explain something more about that feature.

Please upload one of these files to Nextcloud.
I will have a look on it. Thank you.

I have uploaded 3 files. Hope u can see more in the files.

Since snapshot 4130 it seems that the software is not longer freezing. (It is steady now for over a day)

Yes, thank you. All I can see is that everything seems to be fine.

I played them on v6.2.1 b4117 and on v6.2.2 b4132 in AUTO mode. There was no difference and no error to hear or see.

Please ask another time when this happens again - but I hope, you’ll have no further errors.

I’m not familiar with the WMP, but have you tried another ripping program, e.g. Exact Audio Copy?