Problems with sound

Hi Torben

I am testing my windows 2008 server this afternoon. I have mairlist without a soundcard . But i see some problems with the sound.

Can you please check it from you r end . Player 1 and 2 are on the encoder as you told me No plug ins at the moment.

Here is the url:

Please check

If needed we can do a teamviewer screen take over.

What my remark is that the sound is to fast


v4.0 or v4.1?

On the server we are using 4.0


Send me the remote access password by e-mail please.

Problem seems to be resolved. We did had an issue indead with our shoutcast server, we have disconnected. I set up a second stream as same as you did it is working again
Thanks for helping out yestrerday



You’re welcome. Can you please remove the connection to my test server from the config? I will shut it down now.

Already did it yesterday