Problem with installing version 7.1

Hello Mairlist users i hope anyone can help me with a pop screen i recieve when i try to instal the latest version of mairlist 7 advanced.
I have licences for version 6 and 7 and version 6 is running perfectly.

But now i want to upgrade to version 7 and recieve de following popup

I hope somebody can see the screen shot and help me.


Please complete your question… :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick,

how did you install mAirlist (.exe or zip) and is it installed in the default path?

Hello stefan, i the used mairlist-7.1.7-setup file downloaded from the mairlist website.
Thanks for the reply

Yes in the regular path C: programfiles (x86) the same path as version 6.

That doesn’t work. Please install it in a separate path.

mAirlist 7 and 6 can coexist on your system. :wink:

I tryed to install in a different path: C:Mairlist 7 I recieved the same popup screen.

Goodmorning Stefan, I Solved the problem. It had something to do with frame network aplications that didn’t match with the latest version of Mairlist.
It took sometime but i deleted all frame network appilcations and downloaded the following appilcations from microsoft
Vc_redist.x64.exe and also Vc_redist.x86.exe installed them and the application is running.
Have a nice day


Thank you for the feedback!

Maybe they didn’t were updated because of the installation in the mAirlist 6 folder?

Otherwise I have no idea why they didn’t install correctly.

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