Problem with icecast : no sound

Hi there,

Under mAirlist 5 i had a problem.
I edit my configuration to stream with icecast. ( screenshot )
Under my player : Artist’s name and title are displayed but there 's no sound music
Under mAirlist : Encoder established the connection
I test icecast on my server with another programm : it’s work

So, I must be missing something. Can you help me please ?

Any questions :

1/ in control panel -->audio devices --> Encoder : What i have to do ? What should I say on playback device?
2/ can you tell me if my encoder configuration are good ( screenshot )

Thanks a lot …

I am looking for an “AIRENCE USER TOO” (france will be better)

THANKS from France

Capture d’écran 2014-08-06 à 14.58.44.png

Capture d’écran 2014-08-06 à 14.59.08.png

You probably have to set up the audio devices correctly, in either “internal” or “external” configuration.

See the section on “Audio Routing”.

Thanks Torben for your response.

I have made a mistake : on control panel --> audio --> i have not assign “encoder” in playlist 1 !
Thanks a lot and i hope my post will avoid for others to do the same stupidity