Problem with GetCuePosition method

Hi everybody,

Tonight, I made test about modify startnext point on mairlist playlist item, using scripts.
It seems to have a problem with the method GetCuePosition because when I try to call it, when running the script, the return value is always 0 whereas the item has a valid value (it’s stored in the MMD file and PFL is ok with this value).

SystemLog('CURRENT ITEM = ' + Next_item_3.GetTitle); i64Ramp := Next_item_3.GetCuePosition(ptRamp1).GetValue; SystemLog('CURRENT INTRO = ' + IntToStr(i64Ramp)) ;

In System log screen, I see ‘0’ whereas MMD file indicates

Is it a bug or am I missing something ?

PS : I know v3.0 is not complete and I know it’s better to use the v2.2 for production purpose. But, at the moment, I’m not in “production” and, when my project will be ready (a few month) I want to be ready with v3.0, not v2.2. If I choose v2.2, I will have to take time later to rewrite my scripts… I prefer to prepare v3.0 now.

Does this only happen with ptRamp1 or with any cue point?

ptRamp1, ptStartNext, PtCuein… I didn’t try the others, but I think all doesn’t work…

At the moment, I will try to write script with blind view. I won’t do test. It will be ready to be tested when bug will be fixed.

I guess it’s not an urgent bug. So, let me know when you think this could be okay… ;D

I have looked at it and I must say that I’m clueless :frowning:

I rewrote my v3 script in v2 script. At the moment, All is okay in v2.

When v3 would be stable, I will rewrite my scripts in v3 version…