Problem with duplicate database to MySQL

I wil setup a MySQL database, but I have a problem with the duplicate action.
After about 1330 item the action freezes; Unknown column “INF” in “field list”.

I don’t know what the problem is…

Click Details, then send a bug report from the window that appears.

Received the report, thank you.

What is the type of the original database? Also a network SQL (which server?)? Or local DB?

The original database is a Local DB

Please upload .mldb file to

Hello Torben, I’have upload .mldb file!

Thanks, I checked it, and it appears that it is initially caused by two items for which some very strange peak/loudness values are stored in your database (close to “unhearable”):

top engels/Diesel - Samantha.mp3
Polka/johnny fargo.mp3

It may be a bug in the loudness analyzer - can you please upload these two files as well so I can check?

Torben, i have delete this files, everyting ok, but the second database let see the same problem…

OK everything is woking now, thanks for the support!

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Could you still send me the files please? Would love to find out the reason why the analyzer failed for them. Would surely help other users in the future.

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