Problem with ASIO

Please help me, I do not know what to do. I’m trying to set up mAirList and Tascam US1641 interface. The problem is that I can not DirectSound option to choose the appropriate output of the card (front only have 1 and 2 and the output should be 11 and 12 and 13 i14) and inputs (DirectSound offers one of a pair that does not match the physical inputs on the card) of railways, ASIO spits out errors (screen attached). I have a fresh installation of Windows 7, no other audio programs do not run in the background, system sounds are disabled.

Can I force DirectSound to display all existing physical inputs and outputs?


Error 4294967295 is identical to error -1, which means, according to the BASSASIO documentation, simply: “BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN - Some other mystery problem!” Not very helpful :frowning:

Do you have any other ASIO enabled application you could try?

The DirectSound issue seems to be a common problem with that interface under Windows 7. Found the following information on the Audacity wiki: “Tascam US-1641 (requires USB2.0 ports on the computer) - Reported that only 2 channels available in Audacity with 2.xx drivers under Windows 7 but 16 channels available using older drivers under XP.”

Ok, if there is any interface that operates at 100% respectively in the configuration Windows7 + mAirList + ASIO? Is it better to install Win XP in the studio?