Problem playing TOTH

Hi guys,

I have a very strange issue here.
My TOTH jingle is cut off after 5 seconds or something while the jingle lasts for 15 seconds.
All the cue markers are right. (start next = 15 seconds, Cue out = 16 seconds)
My hour templat is like this:

  1. Start of hour marker
  2. specific item (TOTH jingle) Timing = normal
  3. Music (Timing = normal)

When I open a playlist in database I see the toth jingle duration is 15 seconds.
I really not understand why the 2nd playlist item (TOTH) is cut off before it ends.
Am I forgetting something in making the hour templates?

Hope someone can help me with this…

Best Regards,


Does it also happen when you listen to the file in the Cue Editor (Properties dialog)? Or does it play all the way to the end there?

When I do PFL in cue editor i hear the entire jingle…
Also in the playlist it says the jingle duration is 15 seconds.

I have solved the Problem. Somehow the jingle was in the library as a 5 second file. (I think I have made a mistake while importing the track. so I have imported it again. and now all is fine.)
Sorry. I think I still have to learn a lot in the software :wink:
Thx for your responce Torben! I appreciate the way this forum is working. When I am very familiar with the software I will surely help other people here aswell!

Glad you solved it.

Hint: When you edit the file in the DB library and play it in the cue editor, and the file turns out to have a different duration than expected, the duration field should update automatically. So the simple workflow to update the duration is:

  • Double-click (Properties dialog will open)
  • Click the “play” icon in the lower left corner (duration is updated)
  • Click OK to save

Thx For the Hint!

I am getting to love the software more and more…

Well i was cheering too early.
I tought it was solved… but now…
It is getting more strange every day.
Some hours the toth is played full (15 seconds), some hours just 5 seconds.
The most strange part about it, i load the same track every hour. Also my virtual folder TOTH has only one file in it, so it is not possible that mairlist will choose another file.
How can this be possible???

Hey Guys,

Here is the problem I have…
Somehow the TOTH is Cut after 5 seconds. but it isn’t a problem that comes back avery hour.
I made a screenshot of the history of the file i talk about.
also made a screenshot of a Hourtemplate I use for planning…
First I was thinking about seperation rules!?

Can anyone help me? It is getting a bit of a pain for me now


Hour template.jpg

Template looks good so far.

Open the System Log please (double-click status bar at the bottom of the playout window), and activate “Playlist” in the Filter menu. You should see additional items about every single item being started or stopped now.

Is there any evidence from that? Can you post an excerpt from that log? (Use Ctrl+C to copy log messages to clipboard as text.)

Sorry, I was out of town a few days, so that is why i responce late…

Unfortunattely I had a Windows 10 update and had to restart my broadcast pc, So I can’t go way back in the log but I made a screenshot of last hour.
Somehow the last few hours everything seems to go well with the TOTH Jingle. (I also post a trackhistory screenshot)
Now it is waiting untill it goes wrong again before I can figure out what is wrong?

Hope u can help me.

10 oclock.jpg

Track history.jpg

What action are you using for the TOTH event? “Load and play database playlist”? Can you try to change it to “Append database playlist”? Also let it run shortly before the TOTH, say at xx:59:00. Don’t forget to tick the “load playlist for NEXT hour” option in the action settings.

Well… The problem was…
Windows 10 !

I had an update for windows 10. and since i have done that… the toth is correctly playing! Ofcourse i check it every now and then. but so far no problems…

Strange… but solved…