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Hi Torben, some more things presenters have flagged up.

On a right click with the popup menu open, players will not start from a hotkey command (I’m not sure if this extends to mouse clicks but will check next week). Is this because the popup menu has focus?

Something I posted earlier and had forgotten was not all audio shows its duration in a playlist until opened by mAirList at least once (either in a player of pfl).

I will have to post some examples of the problem audio to you.

Kind regards Tony

As someone who’s programmed context menus in the past (but not in Delphi), almost certainly ‘yes.’ Context (or ‘right-click’) menu objects tend to have their own keyboard handling routines built-in as part of the object.

Would all such files happen to be VBR (variable bit rate) MP3 files by any chance? I seem to recall earlier posts regarding the difficulties of accurately reading the durations of those before opening them. Admittedly this may not be the same problem.

It would be helpful to know what formats the ‘problem’ files are, regardless. Even if it’s more than one format!


Hi Cad, from memory they use a mixture of file formats (as the hospital radio library is rather large) I could not spare them the time even in batch mode converting wav to mp3.

Wav files are both uncompressed and compressed as well as mp3 (CBR only).

I believe its wav files, most likely the compressed files IMAPCD 4:1 giving the problems but I will need to check.

Kind regards tony

I’ve experienced the “missing duration” display in the Playlist… My library is mostly 320k/bit MP3 and none are VBR. Tony, you’re right - you have to open them in PFL for the duration to show… and not all the FadeOut positions are found, either.

Ah. The dreaded ‘4:1 compressed WAV!’ I’ve had problems with those in all sorts of programs. Some programs read them and some don’t; that’s the long and short of it, and you ever won’t know until you try actually reading one of those files with ‘program x.’

Presumably once a file has been tagged, and you’ve saved an MMD file for the ‘problem’ file, it does show the correct duration etc. when opened in mAirList? If so, that’s their answer: find the ‘duds’ and tag them.


Files without duration: When dropping files into the playlist, mAirList looks into the header of the files to determine the duration. However, there are some WAV compression formats the libraries I use cannot handle. MMD-tagging the files, as suggested by Cad, would be a good option.

Context menu: While the menu is open, all control is given to Windows and the application cannot receive any messages. This is a limitation of Windows. (By the way, a very fail-safe method to crash your computer is trying to destroy an object while its context menu is open - same sort of problem.)

Thanks Torben and Cad.

Kind regards tony