PostGreSQL problem


The PC on which we have installed PostGreSQL is underperforming and due for a reformatting. Once I format the PC with the PostGreSQL, the playout system will not be able to read the database and we will have problems with the Mairlist playing the scheduled items. We have considered two options:

  1. Install PostGreeSQL on a new PC and set it up from scratch. However, not sure if this might cause some sort of conflict with the playout system. Also not sure if I will have to export the database from the Mairlist database application and re-import it again once PostGre is installed on a different PC.
  2. Do the PC formatting in the late night hours and have a break in programming.

I welcome any other suggestions/ideas on how to fix this issue.


  1. Make a backup/dump of the existing PostgreSQL database (with pgAdmin or pg_dump).
  2. Set up PostgreSQL on a new machine.
  3. Recreate users and (empty) database.
  4. Restore dump file into new database.
  5. Change IP address of the database server in mAirList configuration.

Again, always use the dump/restore tools from PostgreSQL, not the mAirList export/import functions (as CSV etc.), as you will lose some information otherwise (folder assignments, playlist, …).