Im new to manage databases.
I just wonder what im doing wrong because my PostgreSQL 8.3 is running with superuser and DB is connected. My problem is i cant connect as a DJ to get playlist i get a http 500 ping error on a client mairlist.


In the pictures have you pressed these buttons on either 4.3 or 4.4. You may also need to change the database protocol to postgresql-7 we did and ours works.



Yess i have set it to postgres 7 and pushed those buttons. After that when i try to login i get HTTP 500 (Error) at client side not the Mairlist hosting that DB.


Which program versions are used on the server, and the client?

Early v4.4 client versions had a couple of bugs. v4.4.2 should be OK again. But it cannot be mixed with a v4.3 server!

Generally, when a 500 error occurs, have a look at the server log messages, there should be a more detailed error message.


Both running Mairlist 4.4.2 the only one i could download.
I have checked PostgreSQL logfile and i could not find any errors during a http 500: - -/Ping.


So on the client, you also have a PostgreSQL mAirListDB connection defined, right? (Sorry, I first thought you were talking about mAirListDB Server/Client which is another technology.)

When exactly does the error occur? Are you able to start the Database application in the first place? Have you adjusted the pg_hba.conf to allow the client IP to log into PostgreSQL?

No i guess i did a bad answer.

I got PostgreSQL on our main source and its running Mairlist 4.4.2.

I try to connect via a another source it also running Mairlist 4.4.2 (As client without SQL)

I hope this was a better answer.

So you are running the “mAirListDB Server” application?

Look at the log messages in that application, this is where the detailed error message will appear.