Postgre SQL - Synology DSM 6.2


For a new installation i try to find a guide for installation postgre sql Mairlist database on a Synology Nas runnning DSM 6.2 version.

I have find two link on the forum but that retrurn 404 page error.

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PostgreSQL is not officially supported by Synology.

DSM uses PostgreSQL internally for management of your NAS. In older DSM versions there was an easy way to “unlock” the built-in PostgreSQL server and use it with a 3rd party app like mAirList. This is no longer possible with current DSM versions (unless you do a lot of hacking). So we took the instructions down.

If you want to run your SQL database on your Synology NAS, use MySQL/MariaDB instead.

Hi Valentin,

a tutorial for setting up a PostgreSQL backend is to be found here. On how to deal with the Synology NAS itself, you might consult a forum specialized on Synologies per se.

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I’m not very familiar with the synology products (I’m using QNAP) but in general, I’d not use the system Database, that manages your NAS for the purpose of running your Music library.

Nevertheless, The synology NAS support Docker container, so maybe you want to have a look into that. IMHO it is a godd idea to run a dedicated PostgreSQL as a docker container or if you are not so familiar with docker, there should be the ability to run KVM Virtual machines as well.
KVM requires slightly higher ressources but at the end it is a plain Linux of your choice, that also can appear as a dedicated server within your network (if you use bridge network), similar to a real hardware machine.

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Thank for all this possibility. I have a Marian DB 10 with PhpAdmin on the nas.

I have a problem with remote connection for the database setup on port 5432 ! (it’s open on the firewall)

On both, the Windows- and Synology firewalls?

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Docker is only supported on the higher-end Intel-based models (e.g. DS-218+), not the cheaper ARM based models (DS-218 etc.). So check your model first.

Don’t confuse the ports used by the various SQL systems:

  • PostgreSQL: 5432
  • MySQL and MariaDB: 3306
  • Exception: MariaDB on Synology DSM: 3307

DSM uses 3307 for MariaDB so you can run the MySQL and MariaDB packages side by side without any conflict. In this situation, enter Port=3307 under the advanced SQL connection options in the database connection properties in mAirListConfig.

Succes is comming !

I have just a problem when i test the connection to the database.

the firewall is open on the nas and on the workstation but in the best case i obtain :

“mairlist expected authentification request from server, but received Y.”

You chose the wrong backend when adding the connection (Microsoft SQL? Not really)

I’ve migrated my database to a maraiDB one on my Synology last month.
i’va followed this tutorial : Setting Up mAirListDB With MySQL On a NAS
And it works perfectly ! I can also do an update of the mariadb package and mairlist still running


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What’s your Synology model? We have heard reports of performance bottlenecks especially with multiple clients accessing the database at the same time. Suspect it depends on the NAS model/CPU/etc.

It’s a DS-215J.
i’ve got 4 clients which acces at the same time (2 playouts, and 2 managements licences) in the same network
And my network is behing a gigabit routeur.