Playout issue

hi @Torben @UliNobbe there was a playout problem thisevening, we had to restart mAirList. we found that one of our dj streams wouldn’t connect but the person was on the said stream, streaming away… but more importantly we noticed that the playout kept sticking as in everything would work for a few seconds then everything would freeze then go on for a few seconds then everything freezes again and so on…like everything on screen stops., when we restarted everything now fine again and stream connects…is there a memory leak in the program perhaps?

Could you see a small window “The application seems to be frozen”?

no nothing came up, but the program was obviously having trouble with something. as I say all the visuals stopped for a few seconds then carried on then stopped then carried on. and it didn’t want to connect to a relay stream either. it took me to restart the program for it to be fine again

@Torben @UliNobbe im placing my bets on a memory problem but I have just sent a email into you with a bug report attached to it

The bug report generated from the menu is not useful in this situation as it does not catch the system in it’s “failing” (frozen) state obviously. That’s why it says only use when instructed by support…

For how many seconds does it freeze? Is it more like 10-20 seconds or more like 1-2?

@Torben looking at it, it sticks for 2 secs goes for 3 sec and stops for 2 secs and so on.but when it does that and sticks the program is not responsive and in task manager the memory jumps up by around 400mb every time it sticks then goes down again

And this is during stream playback you say? When the stream connects, or continously as it is playing?

@Torben Weve only currently noticed it doing that when on stream playback and its continuous but it clears it when you restart the program then it will be fine for a few hours then whack it comes back agsin its strange… but just because we haven’t noticed it during normal automation doesn’t mean its not happening I guess lol, we will let u know about that. but im assuming it originates during stream playback… we will let u know cause we have a few hours now of recorded shows so will let you know if it does it while not on stream playback

@Torben ok so it didn’t do it during the recorded show were back on a stream relay now so will monitor the situation see if develops the fault again

@Torben it hasn’t repeated the sticking yet so unsure what the problem was……. will update you when when/if it happens again