when i do a planificiation, i ve to check hours, sometimes i ve olny 59mn or 59mn45s or 1h02mn.
When i don t have 60mn i ve to add a song or a mix .
how can i do to have the right time without checking all of the time, if i don t have 60mn, no sound
thanks for answers

Have you read the Wikipages? You should not have an underrun, an overrun as unavoidable though. If you don’t want that, schedule by hand.

i ve read the read the Wikipages
when i do a planifcation i ve got some hours under 60mn (yellow on pictures)
so i have to add a mix (picture 3)
if the time is 1h02mn the song is cut before end, under 60mn, 59mn no sound after the end
how do you do?the best is 60mn, maybe i ve missed something, do you have script?




How does your Hour Template look like? Could you post a screenshot?

i ve changed time 59mn to 1 hour, but now sometimes i ve got templates with more than one hour,we can t have one hour exactly?




It is virtually impossible (within reasonable time) to find a set of matching songs that have a total duration of exactly one hour.

The scheduler will always pick songs that have a total of at least one hour.

so it s better to have one hour than 59mn in the template?it s not nice when a song begin 30sec and then to have a new hour who cuts the song

If you want to have at least one hour of music than yes ;D