Playlist skin.ini keywords

Sorry to open a new topic, but I don’t find the correct keyword…I’m going to become totally crazy !!! :-\

What are the skin.ini keywords for modifying (in [playlist] section) :

  1. Font, Size, and style for the “duration” time of the playlist item ? Same thing for the “ramp” time of the playlist item ? with altering the font, size and style for title and artist…
    I tried “TimeFontName”, “BacktimingFontName”, but none works.

  2. Font, Size, and Style for the runtime below the player name (the time beginning with “+”, at the “time” column of the playlist)

  3. To up the item line height ? My icons are squares icons. I wrote “IconSize=64” in skin.ini file but the icon is cut because the line is not high enough… And when I up the column width, the iconsize don’t change … How do I do for having a line height more high, and a icon resizing when I change the column width ?

Thanks a lot. The parametrization progresses… slowly, but it progresses…

There’s an article in the German Wiki on this topic - perhaps someone wants to translate it?

With google, I translate the page and I manage to understand things…

But, lot of wiki parts are access-locked… how can I access to these parts ? Who can give me access ?