playlist skin.ini colours

Is there anyway currently to have the backtiming row colour where it shows the playback deck status the same as the row colour instead of player colour?

I’ve changed my players colours to change with what’s on-air and what’s next. Rather than a fixed colour per player. I’ve managed to get the playlist to go with these colours aswell.

I think I can’t have the player status in the playlist backtiming row to do this, but thought I’d ask just incase there is a way to do this not documented yet.

I’d flick a screenshot of what I’m up to but I don’t have a web server running to url to a screenshot of my layout.


This is only possible in mAirList 2.1, with the “UsePlayerColors=off” setting in the playlist section in skin.ini.

It’s mentioned somewhere in the change log.


That’s awesome Torben.

It’s finished off my layout just nicely. Thank you very very much for that handy tip.