Playlist question

hi Mairlist forum members

I would like to get some advice on how you implemented the playlist for the DJ for the program, when the playlist should have music, commercial breaks at 20min and 40min, and also other elements that the DJ should play during the program. I tried to make a template as follows:

  • start of hour
  • Music
  • Dummy
  • Music
  • Dummy
  • commercial break
  • commercial break
  • Music
  • end of hour
    (So I tried to use the Dummy element for DJ Speech)
    This didn’t work. Or I couldn’t do it (read I don´t know how to do it ). There was an UNDER RUN error and whatever :slight_smile:

Would you have an idea how to make a playlist like this for a dj who does a live show, where the music and other elements should be known to the dj along with the playing times.

I wanted to make it as template so if DJ want choose songs for show, dj opens template, see what should be played and when, then add songs what dj wants to play.

any advise or idea how to do?

thanks for your help.


You can find basic information about music templates and music scheduling on the wikipages: tutorials:mairlistdb:music-scheduling [mAirList Wiki]

I have read that several times, but still I haven´t figured it out what to do this case.

I tired add DUMMY and name it “dj speaks” but when I give duration for it example 2 00:02:00 ( 2min ) and try save / press ok, it will give error “no duration”.

Try to add a dummy and don’t rename it and don’t add duration.
It works here in version 6.3 in that way.

@kyosti What version (v6.x, v7.x) are we talking about? There have been several changes in the meantime. The corresponding answer depends on your version.

Topic already solved in support. Thread can be closed @uli.mairlist