Playlist progress bar

As soon when you switch off progress bar / enable progress bar the new build in vu meter (playlist) has a response time off seconds.
The vu meter I don’t want also but I haven’t found the setting yet.

From the other thread:

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But the thing with the vu meter looks like a bug (to me)

Tested your solution in the live skin editor (it works).
But you still cant copy past , now you have to type everything letter for letter and off course I made a typo.
Before I copy from the wiki paste it in the skin look for color code and copy paste it , less errors :grinning:

Copied and pasted into the skin editor, using Ctrl+v:

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I always copy /paste with mouse :grinning:

Build 5011 will add a context menu for those unfamiliar with the common keyboard shortcuts :wink:

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