Playlist Load - Script Command ?

What’s the latest “load m3u playlist” script command, as it appears to have changed and I’m getting “class expected” errors on mine… I think it’s IPlaylistLoad something…

CurrentPlaylist.LoadFromM3U('filename.m3u', false);

There’s also LoadFromMLP for mlp playlists, or - more general - LoadFromFile, which considers the file extension and then picks the correct version.



what means the true/false in the LoadFromX functions?

thanks & greetings, michi

Whether to append the playlist or not (= replace it). Have a look at the documentation:


Thanks, Torben - That code works fine.

Since we are discussing the CHM file… :slight_smile:

Is it possible to produce this using something OTHER than magenta (#FF00FF) coloured text, please? Magenta is a particularly bad colour for my eyesight! I know the CHM is produced using an automated component, so I will understand if it is not possible to change this: if that is so, I will need to print out a readable copy on a monochrome printer.

Magenta is also generally a bad colour to use on a PC screen (it combines red and blue, which are at opposite ends of the visible spectrum and therefore your eye has to physically work harder to ‘see’ magenta compared to red or blue).


The CHM file is generated from the source code by an external Tool called “DelphiCodeToDoc”. I will check whether the colors can be customized.