Playlist length

Hello everyone,

I’m new to mAirList, but have experience with Myriad.

Having looked at the format of the .mld files I wrote a (currently very crude) piece of VB to select files, arrange them in a schedule and create a new .mld file. This works fine, but when I load it I’m only seeing the first 15-20 items (approx 60 minutes). Have I missed something really obvious, or are playlists limited to one hour each ?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Can you see any Scrollbar at the right of the Playlist? Scroll down and wait one or two Seconds. It is Possible that in that time the Objects you haven´t seen get Initalized. This problem occurents at my PC! But it´s possible to, that you have a different problem.

First of all, welcome to the forum.

There is no limit for the playlist duration. Perhaps there’s a problem in your XML, a misspelled keyword, or an unescaped special character? You should open your .mld file in a text editor and take a close look at the first of the missing items.

You can also send a copy of your file to, and I’ll have a look at it.


If you can find a copy of Microsoft XML Notepad (freeware but sort of obsolete) or a similar XML editor, you can as Torben says double-check that your VB is writing the MLP (XML file) correctly. Don’t forget that you do need a final vbCrLf (aka Chr(13) & Chr(10)) in the file ;).


Many thanks for your advice and offers of help.

In the end the problem turned out to be filenames with & symbols. Things like :

“Lionel Richie & Diana Ross~~Endless Love.wav”

A quick (well, not so quick with 2000 tracks) renaming exercise and all is well.


Oh yes, the & sign … I should have guessed this. Someone had a similar problem a while back.