playlist layout - help please

im certain there is a way, but havent found it yet.

what i want to do is have my playlist so that the items loaded in the players that have a state block with them are in bold writing and that items still to play in the playlist are not in bold.

can anybody tell me how to do this??

Also, which option do i tick/untick so that items arent moved to the recycle bin after being played, they just remain greyed out in the playlist?

Cheers guys

Under [Playlist] use the following:

LoadedFontStyle=1 NextFontStyle=1 PlayingFontStyle=1

That will ensure that loaded items (whether playing, stopped or next) will appear bold.

Regarding the bold font, you could start off with this skin.ini:

[Playlist] LoadedTitleFontStyle=1 LoadedArtistFontStyle=1

This affects the Title and Artist font for all items which are currently loaded into an (idle) player. There are similar settings for the other player states (playing, EOF, …). It’s explained in the Wiki:

Regarding your second question, it’s probably the “Auto clean-up history” playlist option you’re looking for. If it is disabled, all played items will be kept in the playlist. Otherwise, played items will be moved to the Recycle Bin, except for a small number of items which you can specify on the same config dialog page.