Playlist Icon changes with player state?


My playlist items use custom .PNG icons. Is it possible to change icons in a playlist in the same manner that row colors and fonts change? When a particular item is in the next or played position, I would like the related icon to change. If so, would this be some form of skin.ini or itemtype_xxx.png entry? Many thanks.

Cheers, alec m

Not sure it’s possible natively.

With scripts, you can change temporarily the icon from the currently playing item in the playlist, and the next one. I have this script in my to-do list :slight_smile:

Natively not possible.

Thank you for the answers.

Cheers, Alec M

Would you be interested by such a script if I design it near in the future ?
However, only in v4 for the first version…

Cheers Theoor!

I’ve changed the design somewhat now. however, if you have a script I would certainly like to see it!

Thank you sir! :smiley:

Alec M