Playlist - Highlight Embedded Playing Item


I’m trying to configure “skin.ini” to highlight the playing item inside a container.

While I can highlight a playing container line with something like “PlayingTitleFontColor=#FF0000”, I can’t see how to do the same with an individual item embedded in the container

Changing the font / colour etc. for all of the embedded files does work, but it only seems possible to select them by their Item Class (eg. File), not their state.

We’re using dual playlists, with a single player each, and trying to avoid showing too much of the player if possible. So identifying the playing item in the Playlist itself is pretty important.


Greg Segal

Not supported, only the top-level item (the container) will be highlighted.

Hi Torben,

That’s no drama. I think I’ve come up with a workaround.

In our case the Containers can just as easily be Dummies with hard fixed times, with some custom settings re type, font, colour etc. Automation deals with that in a similar way, and importantly the individual items can be highlighted (via skin.ini) as they load and play.