Playlist Grid issues/questions

I haven’t yet tried the Build 449 snapshot ;), so the following comments/questions all apply to the Playlist grids (Virtual Treeview components) in V2.1.40.

  1. The LINK column icon (if it’s a custom icon) does not resize correctly. I think this is a known bug?

  2. I think the LINK column is currently right-aligned. I alos think it would look MUCH better if it were CENTRE aligned. :slight_smile:

  3. Is there any way to prevent the AutoResize of the Playlist grid? I’ve tried setting AutoResizeColumn to values larger than the number of columns in the grid, and also to -1 ;), but whatever I try, the grid will always resize to fill all of the available width :(. I would like to be able to prevent this behaviour, so that I can always leave enough ‘empty’ space—20px or so—at the right of the grid (but within the width specified for the Playlist in layout.ini) for a vertical scroll bar. Can I suggest that if AutoResizeColumn is set to any negative value (e.g. -1), the AutoResize is switched OFF? The reason I want this is that it is irritating to have to manually resize the columns when a vertical scroll bar is present; also irritating when the grid AutoResizes after the vertical scroll bar ‘disappears’ (i.e. when the number of Playlist items reduces so that all the items are visible in the Playlist).

Thanks in advance!


  1. Yes, you’re right. Will be corrected.

  2. No, it’s already centered.

  3. “AutoSizeColumn=-1” should to the trick (without the “Re”). Generally, I agree that the auto-resize algorithm of Virtual Treeview is not the best one around.

Really? It certainly appears to be right-aligned here … maybe that appearance is related to the resizing problem.

I will try that again, but it did not work when I tried it. I will try it again and report back.