Playlist font size

Is there a way to change the size and type of the font used in the playlist? Have looked to no avail in the config files…it’s probably so obvious that it’s staring me in the face. Any help would be appreciated.


[Playlist] section


Thank you, that was a big help!!

Okay, font size okay. But how to change color of text?

Dennus, please download the English Manual and read section 8.1, which begins on page 79 (‘physical’ page 89). That page shows the structure of a skin.ini file, and the following two pages give you a lot of valuable explanation about how to read the pages that follow. I strongly recommend that you read these three pages before you make changes to skin.ini, because you will have a much better understanding of the possible settings, and which settings you will need to include to make the changes you want.

Though I admit that the Manual does not mention the typeRowColor key from your other post, :wink: everything else in the Manual does still apply.

Page 82 (‘physical’ page 92) explains how the …Font… keys in the file work, but please also read section on String Values, which is on the preceding page (81/91). The examples there show how to type a font name which contains spaces, such as Arial Narrow for example.

If, after that, you still have any questions about how to change a specific font in mAirList, please post them as a reply in this thread and we will do our best to help.


And the short answer is, use FontColor :slight_smile:

Will do! Thank you.