Playlist Control Bar

Hi Torben, as mAirList continues to develop in function and users, new needs constantly arise.

May I suggest the Playlist Control Bar is added to the options that can be user customised.

I can see these further needs but other users may see more or suggest better options than the following.

  1. The default playlist control bar with Auto/Assist, events and playlist count/timer visible.(unchanged)

  2. Hide the Events window in the playlist control bar, as some users will not use events or need a reminder.

  3. Hide both the auto/assist buttons and event window but leave the counter/timer visible (part of our current need). We use Hotkeys to enable automation with events generally loading on startup or at presenter request from a hotkey. i.e. Load my playlist I saved earlier (we use runscript and the time date format).

4.Add to the playlist control bar windows to display the count/time of a set of linked items or container.

Items 3 and 4 are based around our current need, so hope I am not being too selfish and other users will find use for these too.

I welcome comments and suggestions from all mAirList users.

kind regards Tony