playlist column headers

Hi All,

I’ve been desperately trying to tweak what is shown in the column headers…

Im after a very narrow playlist which means that all columns are squashed up so i cant read filenames etc.

In an ideal situation the only columns i need displayed are:

PLAYER STATE, NAME, DURATION (and in this order)

How do i get rid of RAMP and END and also get the widths to stay as i desire… I’ve tried tweaking in the skin.ini but it is causing me a right headache!

Any help is always much appreciated.


OK. From the manual (page 79):
Some skin.ini Playlist settings use column numbers. These column numbers are always the same,
regardless of any hidden columns, and regardless of the displayed column order in the Playlist:
0 Icon
1 Time
2 Title
3 Duration
4 Ramp
5 End
6 Link
7 Artist

In skin.ini, [Playlist] section (see page 86/87 of manual):

where sizes are the widths of each column in pixels, and always in this order, regardless of ColumnOrder and HideColumns settings): Icon, Time, Title, Duration, Ramp, Ending, Link, Artist
A size of 0 ‘hides’ a column.

where column is one of (regardless of ColWidths settings):
0=Icon, 1=Time, 2=Title, 3=Duration, 4=Ramp, 5=Ending, 6=Link, 7=Artist

So if you want Icon, Title, and Duration only (I didn’t understand what you mean by ‘name?’), you would put something like this in your skin.ini:



ColWidths has zero for every column you want to ignore. Remember that the eight numbers ALWAYS refer to the columns in their DEFAULT ORDER, even if (as in this case) you also use ColumnOrder to change the DISPLAYED column order. You DO NEED all eight numbers in the ColumnOrder line, even if you plan to hide most of the columns.

If I have misunderstood what you want, I hope this explanation will help you work out the settings you need! Please ask again if you need any more information.