Playlist col. 1 does not show NEXT and has 'wrong' colours?

This has been bothering me for some weeks, but now almost all bugs are fixed :), I thought I would raise this issue. When in AUTO mode, column one in the Playlist will usually be blank (or will show the predicted start time if you have Backtiming Mode switched on).

When a track loads into a Player, column one says AUTO, and when it is played, this changes to ON AIR. If you are sharp-eyed enough, it also changes to FADE or EOF. All good so far ;)… but can you see what is missing?

The answer is NEXT, because the NEXT track always shows AUTO in column one of the Playlist; and I think it should say NEXT.

Yes, it should be obvious to even the least intelligent presenter that in a Playlist, the track immediately after the one that is ON AIR is NEXT, but it would be good to have everything consistent. :slight_smile:

Similarly, column one of the Playlist has a colour background of LoadedRowColor (instead of NextRowColor) for the NEXT track.

In fact, the column one colour does seem occasionally to be slightly ‘wrong.’ Are there some skin.ini …Color values which I have somehow failed to notice, or should column one of the Playlist use the same …RowColor as all the other Playlist columns?

Thanks in advance for any help on these points.


Well, I’d agree that it should be obvious :wink: However, for the sake of consistency, the label should probably be there. I will fix that.

Regarding the colors: The way the color system is implemented by now, it does not remember whether a particular color was overriden by skin.ini or not. All state-dependent colors are initialized with the same value (gray), and if a particular color value is found in skin.ini, it’s replaces the default value, but there’s no “I was changed” flag or something.

This is why I can’t paint the first column in NextRowColor - because I don’t know when to use NextRowColor and when to use the color of the player. It’s the same with all of the other state-dependent colors.

When I re-implement the playlist in version 2.1, I will take care of these things.


By the way: What about assist mode? Should the label also be “NEXT”? Or shouldn’t it rather include the player name, like “A (NEXT)”?

Good thinking, Torben! I’d say ‘yes’ to all of that. And thanks for the explanation of the Playlist-column-one colours. :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve been, uh, fiddling with your wiki again BTW… :wink:

PPS: Have you changed the incorrect English Cartwall Config. option text yet? It should read ‘Stretch if no playlists configured’ instead of ‘…if now playlists…’

CAD (still on the case!)

Regarding the Wiki - yes, I’ve noticed :slight_smile: Very appreciated. I have also added a comment on the “File Types” discussion page:

If you don’t mind, I will continue to use the discussion pages to point out things which, in my opinion, might be improved.

The typo will be fixed in the next version. Thanks again for reminding me.