Playlist Bug


I have a bug when i generate a playlist.
Every week i generate a playlist for 7 days.
But sometimes there is more than an houre of silence.
After investigating, i discovered that at some random houres, the playlist generates a weird timimg.

For example:
This is at 12.00. This looks okay.

But at 13.00, it changes the time of the playlist.

The result is that sometimes i get an houre of silence.

Does anyone know what i did wrong, or is this a bug?

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Can you post the screen of the Hour Template for 13 - 14? Maybe you didn’t add the correct value to Start of the hour marker?

Thank you for the response, this is my template:

But i don’t think this can be the problem.
If it was: the issue would be the same every day at that time.
Right now i get this problem at random moments…

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Try to define the exact hour when the Start of hour should begin - change the 00:00:00 to 13:00:00 and try to re-generate the playlist for one day.

No. That’d only work if he is using 24 different hour templates, one for each hour of the day.

When he’s using ONE template for the whole day (or for at least more than one hour of the day) your suggestion makes no sense.

From what he said:

you can see that he’s using the hour template for more than one specific hour.

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That’s right, i can’t create 24 x 7 diffrent templates.
That’s also not how it should work.

As you can see in the first screenshot, on the one day at 13.00 it gives a problem, on the other dat on 13.00 it doesn’t give a problem… it’s the same template. The week after this it doesn’t give a problem on that houre. So it looks like it’s totaly random…

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There is a soft fixed time set on the item #7 in the 13:00 playlist.

Search for that item in the library, and check the timing settings are on the Playback tab. Make sure it is set to “Normal”.


Check this see image above.

If it is like above try to go to this is it is about jingles. (see pics below)

It helped to remove my underrun.