Playlist append

Hi !
I’m looking for a way to append playlist through a script (this script will be triggered by REST API). Can’t find the good identifier :confused:

For another script, I need to load a database playlist and skip it to the current time (I found the GUI function, but can’t find the identifier and arguments to do this in a script)

Thanks for your help !


Activate the REST module.
Make POST request to
mairlist-IP:9300/execute?command=YOUR COMMAND

  • PLAYLIST 1 APPEND <Filename> - Append a playlist file.

List of available commands :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Hi, thanks, but I want to append a playlist from database, and I can’t find the command for that :confused:

Sorry I don’t know if there is a command for that…

Do you generate your playlist in the database?
You can append the following hour with a event, i.e. 5 minutes to the hour, load next hour :slight_smile: