Playing Hooks - ejects

When playing an item in Hook Mode, the player ejects the item (marked as played) if you have the Hook Fade+Hook End points set (it doesn’t fadeout, either). One would assume that the Hook fades and just stops once played, as you’d then want to actually play the song in full ? Although I guess if you use and 2nd Playlist, you could line up, say, 3 songs in Hook Mode to preview what you’re going to play…

Hmmm, perhaps an option for this ?!

Hi Charlie, we have used the hook facility of Simian to play X number of hooks top and tailed with some form of station id. Sometimes even a beep etc as a divider. the best bit is that each chain of hooks can be of a different number of cuts. So if the script is called to play 4 hooks after the next song it effectively trails/teases the next 20 minutes or so.

All this is provided by a macro/script facility, which looks ahead in the playlist for cuts tagged with hooks. It then pulls the hook out when the script runs in a playlist (dropping the station id in from the database of known material). The track/cut remaining in the playlist, pretty neat and something we suggested for mAirList a while ago.

Kind regards tony

on the subject of hooks

is there a way that when playing a hook using the loop mode that when deselecting hook it will proceed with the rest of the song.

The best example would be a dance track where the intro is hooked. i keep this looping over and over whilst talking then when unclicking the hook the songs proceeds to continue normally.

hope this makes sense.


How about some custom “Loop In”/“Loop Out” markers for this purpose?

Torben, loop in and loop out is a good idea imho. But, will be a way to hear looping from PFL dirrectly to know, are the points set correctly?

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me. Im just thinking that when looping the start of a dance track it would sound nicer if you simply unclick the loop/hook and the song then continues on rather than having to try and do a mix without it sounding mixed.

My solution would look like this: We introduce two new cue markers “Loop In” and “Loop Out”. If these markers are set, the loop function will loop between these two points rather than between Cue In and Cue Out. In order to exit the loop, you just unclick the Loop button.