Playing external streams

Hello Torben

Strange issue . When adding an external stream on the playlist . I see the vu meters playing . But do not hear the sound . Mairlist does remember the settings now . But do not hear anything

url: when playing the stream on the PFL player it streams only not on air.
url when playing the stream on the pfl it plays and over the on air player

Recieving in the log 14-8-2012 15:29:31 Warning Error prebuffering item “Pop Rock FM stream”: BASS_StreamCreateURL: can’t open the file (BASS error 2)

But it plays.

What i am doing wrong


One small remark when playing the streams the vu meters are playing the countdown clock will not countdown as well.

Hi Torben

Downloade 4.1.3 1491 this morning. In the hope that the bug in the external stream was also fixed. But the player does play the stream only we do not hear the sound. Can you check this?


Are you using “Stream (infinite)” or just “Stream” (with a specified duration)?

Just “Stream” what is the difference between it ? Just stream is not working for me . I need this because we transmitting also several programmes from another internet station on my internet station during the weekend.

Just tested Stream (infinite) also the same problem.

I have tried both URLs, they work fine here.

Will test it for you right now

Working on the server pc … Will test this afternoon also on the studio playout pc

Working also on the studio playout pc windows 7