Player trouble

Hi I have just got back from the hospital radio where I use mairlist and just starting to make my next weeks show and one of the other members has done something to it when a song ends it stops in the player I have had a little look around and cant see how to get that off any help


“When a song ends it stops in a player” - can you please elaborate on this?

(Oh, and please, a little bit of punctuation would help to make your posts more readable.)

Well in assist the song that was playing just stays in one of my 3 players, and in the playlist it looks like It Hasn’t been played
As before when played the file went a light colour and a bin where the icons are.

Sounds like auto eject at end of file has been disabled in the players section of config.

If you were using the ini files I posted most likely.

Go into the mAirList config tool and look under playlist/playlist/players (under each player) Options and check to see if the tick is present in Auto unload at EOF in assist mode.

If not tick it.

Then move the config tool to a safe place :-\

Kind Regards tony

Thanks that’s worked

i think we should have a password to get into the mairlist configuration part

Next time it happens - check the DateModified time on the mairlist.ini file - that’ll allow you to work out who made the change :wink:

Also, move the mAirListConfig batch file to another location that only you know - that’ll slow them down!