Player starts but won't play?



I’ve got a weird problem. I’m using mAirlist v3.1.4 (build 884) with a custom skin. In the skin are 2 players on 1 playlist and 4 players with each their own playlist. All players have been routed to their own sound card in the configuration.

The two main players and jingle players 1, 2 and 4 work absolutely fine, but jingle player 3 doesn’t. I can load a track, I can start the track – both by pressing the play button in the player as through the assigned hotkey – and the play button turns blue, but the track won’t play.

Does anybody have any idea why this is and more to the point, how I can solve it?




That usually hints at a problem with the sound card or driver, where the driver stops pulling audio data from the application. The file appears to play, but no data is requested by the driver, so the playback position doesn’t advance.

What kind of sound card are you using?


Hi Torben. Thanks for the reply.

That is very possible actually. It’s a very old Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card and I did have problems with the driver. It disappeared for no reason and then came, just as unexplainable, back again. Unfortunately I can’t replace the card just yet. But I can try reinstalling the driver and see what that does.


Reinstalling drivers did not help. Running a diagnostic tool Turtle Beach supplies with the driver, shows that the card is detected fine, but that there is a hardware problem, so I guess the card has passed away.