Player Loading Whilst Playing

I’ve been prepping a programmable Tipro keyboard for a community station and wonder whether this behaviour in mAirList is deliberate (through my config) or something that needs a think… On v3.0.14, the PLAYER x-x LOAD command will eject a playing player in assist mode - is this something than can be turned off or is this a bug ?

I can appreciate that a Cartwall button could be subject to this rapid switching of audio (due to the instant nature of the Cartwall), but an on-air player should, I feel, be locked when playing - a bit like most pro CD players won’t let you press “eject” until you’ve stopped the player.

Ooh! Interesting! I confess I haven’t ever tried that command, but it does sound like a bug (depending on your POV ;)).

Perhaps that should be a (new) option? Perhaps on a per-Player basis, so that you could have ‘standard’ Players which are ‘eject-locked’ while playing, and (for example) ‘bed’ Players which aren’t?

What do you reckon?


Probably a bug.