Player Idle Status

I’m trying to create a logic in my DHD4200 mixer. For that I need a signal from mAirList to the mixer as soon as the current track has finished playing. I thought I could use the Idle State at the “State Indication Logics” in the DHD Remote Control. But since the player gets loaded with the new track from the playlist immediately after finishing the current track, it never gets in the idle state (or this time is so short that my DHD never notices this state).

Is there another possibility to get this signal from mAirList? Or can there be such a signal implemented after every played track?

And I have one more question, also related to the logics from mAirList towards the DHD; I have a lightpole with 3 different lightcolors. The red light I want to use for Mic ON/OFF, the blue light I want to use for EOF for the current playing track. Can mAirList send this state to the DHD so I can connect the lightpole to a GPO on the mixer? For the third color I’m still thinking how I am going to use that.

Hope this is possible in some way.

It looks like no one has an answer on this. Isn’t it an idea to add a STOP Logic to the State Indication Logics? In my eyes IDLE is worthless when it’s only active at the end of the playlist.

You can choose a mode somewhere in the options that loads the player only immideately after it is started. This leaves the player idle.

That sounds like a good solution. But is that the option “Auto Load on Demand”?

To reply myself; Yes, that’s the correct option. This works for me. Thank you very much! This program can always do what I want :wink: Except for maybe the other question I had (EOF)…

Yes, exactly. Sorry, I didn’t have the English term at hand, therefore my diffuse answer.

I also resolved my second question.

I added this code to a background script:

// Called when (playlist) player reaches EOF warning point (default: 10s before end)
procedure OnPlayerEOFWarning(PlaylistIndex: integer; PlayerIndex: integer);
	DHDRemote(0).SetLogic(1008, false);
	DHDRemote(0).SetLogic(1008, true);

The SetLogic changes a logic function in my DHD, and with Logic Delays it stays on for 20secs and blinks.

Here you can see it in action:
See it on YouTube