Phantom eject button

When playing audio from the cartwall, when you click on play the eject button disappears (so far so good) but if you then click on the screen area where the eject button ‘should’ be then the current audio file immediately stops and ejects.

As an aside - is it worth combining the eject/stop and the play/fade buttons so they toggle between each function as each of these combinations are mutually exclusive? This would remove 2 buttons and make the carts/players less cluttered.

Thanks, will be fixed in the next version.

Combining a few buttons would be an option, but it still has to be “natural” to the user. I’ll consider it.

Ron, I’m not fully convinced that those button pairs you cited are truly mutually exclusive, plus the ‘clutter’ IMHO is because the buttons have no gap either side of them, so they always look a little ‘cramped.’

Adding a gap of 2px or so horizontally between each button (or even 1px!)would again IMHO make the layout look a tad cleaner.


Fair comments - it was only a thought and my reasoning for the buttons was:

If a track is not playing then it cannot be paused - similarly if it is paused then one of the valid options is to set it playing again
A track should really be stopped before it is ejected (although this is not essential).

Another danger might be accidental double clicking so a stop becomes an eject.

I have talked myself out of it!!!

EXACTLY! :wink:

I know presenters, and I know that some instinctively double-click things and some instinctively single-click things. It’s much more obvious to everyone (and easier to train others) if each button has one and only one function. (“Click this green button to start the track, the square red button to stop it, and the the triangle red button to fade the track out and stop it. If you want to pause the track, click the yellow button.”)