PFL dialog control improvements

Torben, one of the few annoyances in the PFL/Tagging dialog form is that there is currently no way to ‘copy’ a cue point (for example, you thought you were setting Outro but you actually set Ramp1). One workaround is to manually set the correct cue point with +/- buttons, but when you have 300 tracks to tag, that can seem to take a VERY long time!

May I suggest a new CUE button, and a slight re-design of that part of the form as follows:
This would also bring all the ‘set a cue point’ buttons together, leaving the two ‘check out a cue point’ buttons together at the right.

The new CUE button would do the same as TEST, except that it would place the PFL Player in PAUSE instead of PLAY. In other words, it sets the position of the Player but leaves it PAUSEd/STOPped. Now for the science part ;): with the Player CUEd, you can now click any cue point and then click SET, effectively ‘copying’ a cue point.

My second suggestion concerns the ‘pretty’ PFL dialog, which as you know, I don’t normally use. There is currently no easy way to know (except by experience) which Ramp is which, nor which Hook point is which. May I suggest the addition of some ToolTips as in my example below:
(and if my ‘dummy’ ToolTips names are wrong, that just proves the need for them! ;D)


Having finally found out how copy&paste with custom clipboard formats works, I could also offer a popup menu with the custom copy/paste actions.

By the way, the colored dialog with the expandable panes will be abandoned, because I started to dislike it, and it was too much work to maintain both objects. As of mAirList 3.0, there will only be the plain list, but you can choose to have colored rows for easier navigation.

I am personally pleased that the ‘pretty’ PFL dialog will be abandoned (not a surprise!).

I think a full-blooded copy/paste menu would be overkill and not worth the effort. Having the ability (using my proposed CUE button) to accurately set the current position in the track would easily be sufficient, and must (?) be easier to program.

I would REALLY like that CUE button in the PFL dialog, for this and other reasons.

Pretty please, Doktor Torben? :-*


Sort of following on from this section, is there a solution to this…

If i preview a track, that has cue in, ramp, hooks, start next and fade out all set, if i start PFL’ing the track at the start, when it reaches the Hook Out time, it stops.

This can be a bit of an annoyance, as i want the song to play all the way to the end…

Is there an option i have misticked?

Many thanks

Oh! I don’t use hooks, so I haven’t noticed that. Sounds like a bug though. :wink: