PFL Buttons reversed. V6.2

It’s the first time I’ve used V6.2, so please excuse me if I’ve missed a development. When using PFL in the Playlist, Player and Database it would appear the functions of the buttons, CUE & Ramp 1 have changed from V6.1 i.e. they have been reversed.

I found the same issue in the cue editor.
Since 6.2 this problem appears

Yes, I can confirm this unexpected behavior from v6.1 to v6.2.

The only thing I found in the changelog is the new “inverse cue markers”.
However, switching between normal and inverse mode has no influence on that, so I assume it’s a bug happened while programming this new feature.

@Torben may explain us more on that issue, I think. :wink:

Will be fixed from build 4114, thanks.